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At DC GOLD AUDIO we have worked to improve the basic design of speakers. The unique designs enable DC GOLD speakers to sound better. Our speakers are designed and built in America by people who are passionate about the reproduction of music. Listen to a pair and hear for yourself, the quality speaks for itself.

One design improvement is the elimination of the “spider”, the corrugated cloth diaphragm behind the speaker cone. DC GOLD speakers utilize ferrofluid to both aid centering and cool the coil. The elimination of the “spider” eliminates the reflexion of sound though the cone and helps with the speed and detailed yet delicate highs you hear from our speakers. It also allows unrestricted movement for clean fast bass.

The other major design aspect of DC GOLD speakers is they are all full range. One speaker handles all of the frequencies from the lowest bass to the highest notes. Most speakers have woofers and tweeters and associated crossover components. The best analogy is pebbles in a pond; a still pond with one pebble dropped in it allows a natural concentric waveform pattern to flow from the center. This is the same as a sound pattern as the microphone that recorded the event in the first place. If done correctly, it is the best, most natural way to listen to music. Back to the pond: we now drop 2 or 3 pebbles into the pond. No matter how carefully we try, we will have many waveforms and ripples that cross over one another; this is distortion. It can be measured and can be heard!

The other aspect of a full range speaker is the elimination of all of the crossover components. The capacitors, inductors and resistors all add or subtract from the music and add phase and time distortions. KISS – keep it simple….. A good full range eliminates all of the crossover components; the music goes from amplifier to voice-coil with no impedance.

Our aluminum alloy cone, with a proprietary coating, allows it to cover the full range and be totally impervious to the elements. Our copper-clad aluminum voice-coil winding with Kapton former and fluid bearing allow it to handle tremendous power and keep its cool. All of our speakers are utilizing neodymium magnets. They are a more powerful yet much lighter magnet than the ceramic magnets most companies use. This allows for a lighter, smaller magnet structure than you might be used to. The benefit is: our speakers might just fit where others will not.

Listen to our speakers with the most complex music possible. Voices are particularly difficult to reproduce well. Pick a piece of music that covers the full frequency spectrum. The DC GOLD will cover it with the speed and detail of the recorded performance. Listen and compare to any speaker made; we think you will become as passionate about our speakers as we are.


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