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Revolutionary Technology

Between the neodymium magnets, full copper sleeve on the pole piece, 0.003" aluminum / magnesium cone and novel spiderless design, DC GOLD AUDIO makes a totally revolutionary speaker.

Time Tested

Our speakers are built for the ultimate in sound quality. Building a speaker that sounds amazing and is also durable is no easy task. Building on the foundation of Babb Speakers started in the 1980's; we took over in 2005 as DC GOLD AUDIO we have directed all of our energy into perfecting and expanding our product line.

Stunning Design

We build speakers for people that LOVE music. All of our effort goes into the sound quality. The looks are understated as speakers sould be heard and not scream "look at me", but listen to me! To this end we work with customers and custom installers to color coordinate speakers to match their boats....call for details.

Buy Direct

We build every speaker to order. We want you to be thrilled with your speaker. With options that go beyond what we can discribe on the website, it is always a good idea to call us and discuss your project so we configure the best speaker to fit your needs.

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