I do not remember a time without music - when I was on Guam as a four year old we went to an outdoor, walk in theater and saw Walt Disney's "Sorcerers Apprentice". The animation was fantastic and the music was captivating. In the middle of the movie there was a quick tropical storm and everyone ran to the cover at the outside walls of the "theater"; it passed quickly and we proceeded back to our wet seats. It was a memory stuck, both fun and musical experience.

Some years later I was at a theatrical production of "Pirates of Penzance" and thoroughly enjoyed the music, singing and acting. 

When we were about nine our family decided to vote on a color TV or a stereo – the family voted on a new stereo and it got very well used. The mid ‘60s were an incredible time for music and between radio and LPs we listened to an incredible variety of music, Broadway plays, country, classical, 50’s cool jazz and so on. When a friend of my step-dad’s dropped off a load of albums my musical world changed. Soundtrack of Hair, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and loads others. I became a sponge for rock, folk and then grew in time to broader musical tastes. It was love at first listen. One again heaven dropped a gift in my lap – a friend turned me onto a bunch of “Audio” magazines, including the annuals. I started putting together a dream system in my dreams.

In Jr High School I had a teacher that between class would relax with music. He had an AR turntable, AR (I think) speakers and no idea what the amplifier was. I got the audio bug.



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