“I've had the pleasure of evaluating one of David's creations. A 7 inch unit, a spiderless design with beryllium dust cap. It produced one of the finest midranges I've ever heard.

I am sure Davids units work well on boats and outdoor - why shouldn't they? But our evaluation was geared towards domestic high end hifi, and the benchmark was some of the finest drivers money can buy. David's units are too good to only be considered for rough environments. Anyone who is aiming for the very best in sound quality should take a close look at David's reference line before they pick their drivers. Yes, it's that good!” September 30, 2012”
“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. As someone who has been an audiophile for over thirty years, I have enjoyed building many speakers and listening to countless products. I suppose I am a hard-core audiophile. My equipment consists of an Accuphase SACD/CD player a Audio by Van Alstine preamp and a Cary tube power amp. I also drive two dedicated sub with a PS Audio control amp through a Bryston 24db/ oct electronic crossover. Love all types of music so I find very few speakers that met my demands. I used to use a pair of German made Manger drivers and realized what I loved so much about them was there relaxed coherent presentation. I got spoiled listening to music with no crossover between the midrange and highs. I then found out that you had significantly improved the old Babb design speakers and decided to try a pair of 6x9 reference and may I mention at a significantly lower price than the mangers. Wow! @#$%& Holy crap do these things sound great. I have sold the mangers and am enjoying the most satisfying sound I have ever heard out of my system. I have quit trying speakers and am now designing power cord for a very well respected manufacturer. These speakers simply get the job done. I have never enjoyed a product any more than yours, so thanks and keep up the good work.”
“Thanks for your mail and opportunity to assist DC Gold Audio in proliferating what I believe to be one of the best sounding speakers I’ve heard in 45 years of hearing. I won’t bore you with my impressions as I imagine you have had a similar experience.”
“Thanks again for everything. Like I told you the speakers sound great, it’s hard to believe that all that sound comes from such small speakers. I keep having people look for others or a subwoofer and they are blown away that all that all I have in the boat are the 2 DC Gold N54’s. Also I should mention how durable they are, recently in a tournament we were in nasty condition and took 2 waves over the bow filling up my cockpit with about 200 gallons of saltwater. The speakers were completely under water for about 10 minutes and they still sound and perform as good as they did when they were new. You guys definitely should be commended on the quality & durability of your product.

Thanks again”
“Where are the subs? how many amps? No Way! these are some of the things I have heard when guest are at my boat. I just tell them the truth, 4 weird GREAT speakers(9.5r) and a Good power supply to drive them. Then I tell them I have to submerge them in water once a year or so for warranty and maint, That's when they really in some cases feel insulted at my answer to their question. I just told them the truth + they heard it also.
Great product made by great hardworking people,excellent customer service.”