The Classic is based on the original Babb Speakers. DC GOLD AUDIO has updated the original designs with a newer, lighter and more powerful neodymium magnet with extended pole piece. Improvements in the cone, terminals, baskets, voice-coils and coating, they are Babb speakers on steroids.

Both Classic and Reference have aluminum / magnesium cones with a proprietary coating. The Classic has a reinforced aluminum / magnesium dust-cap.

Our Reference Line also utilizes a neodymium magnet / motor and ups the ante with pure copper inner and outer inductance(faraday) rings to lower the inductance. It also uses pure Beryllium from Truextent for the dust-cap. With very little impedance rise at both resonance and 20kHz, they are incredibly easy to work with for full-range of limited bandwidth uses.

For most uses the Classic Line are an incredible driver. If you are on a boat, jet-ski or for background music, the Classic Line is perfect. For home stereo or home theater applications or just want the most musical speaker you can buy, the Reference is your speaker!



Dust Cap Aluminum/Magnesium Beryllium
Magnet/Motor Neodymium Neodymium
Coil Aluminum Aluminum
Cone Aluminum/Magnesium Aluminum/Magnesium
Basket Aluminum Aluminum