Laurie Chaffey is the owner of DC GOLD AUDIO. David Chaffey is the engineer of DC GOLD AUDIO. Together they run this fabulous company. Their passion for music and it reproduction led them to purchase the assets of Babb Speakers in early 2005.

David has been tinkering with audio projects since elementary school and had a love for building speaker using a large array of drivers from around the world. In the mid '80s, while working at GTE, David met Craig, another audio nut. After building a few speaker projects David discovered GOLD RIBBON 40" planar magnetic speakers and worked with the company to build a couple of speakers for customers of theirs. D (David), C (Craig) and GOLD (GOLD RIBBON) became a company - DC GOLD AUDIO, trademarked in 2005. Unfortunately GOLD RIBBON folded, but David and Craig pursued sever other designs using other drivers. As work and family demands pulled them each, they put the business of speakers aside , but continued to tinker. One of the last (pre-retirement) projects, about 2001, David and Craig worked on was a cabinet design for Babb Speakers Lorelei driver. David was sold on the capabilities of full-range speakers.

David worked in the field of telecommunications for 30 years, gaining technical education at both GTE and Verizon, ending his career in high speed data. Before retirement Babb Speakers went up for sale. David & Laurie saw it as an opportunity to retire into their audio passion. In 2005, the assets and design rights of Babb Speakers was acquired. DC GOLD has shown at "The High-End" show, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, the Stereophile Show, IBEX Trade-show, as well as many boat shows around the country.

Laurie and David are committed to the "GOLD STANDARD" of sound reproduction.